Unsecured Business Start Up Loans

Industrial loans for borrowers with bad credit are restricted to a few options. Often borrowers find themselves in very difficult opportunities as numerous traditional and nontraditional banks will not even look at their loan request if their scores are below a 650.

Too often the borrower’s credit report is unfairly reported as many commercial borrowers have great credit history, but because they have multiple home loans, multiple lines, and so forth their score is erroneously brought down even though they have never been past due on a single payment. We come across it all the time.

Unsecured Business Start Up Loans

Options for customer with bad credit are, on the whole limited to 3 options – SBA commercial loans, commercial hard money and “story” lenders.

SBA commercial loans carry a lot of misperception by borrowers. The greatest and most important that you should know is that NOT all SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION lenders are the same. And more to the point, the SBA never actually loans any of its own money. They only guarantee banks that they can be paid back if the borrower defaults. Thus the point is that the banks make up the majority of the underwriting criteria. There is NO minimum credit rating that the SBA requires. For example we work with a bank out there of recent Jersey that will often fund SBA commercial loans with borrowers credit score in the lower 500’s.

Commercial hard money is probable the first thought for many when considering a commercial loan with a borrower that has bad credit. Most hard money commercial lenders are enthusiastic about the properties equity and or its cash flow and the borrower’s credit score is often just an afterthought.

Business Hard money lenders want to see at least 40% equity in the property or a 60% loan to value in order for them to seriously consider funding the deal. Speed and overall flexibility with underwriting are the highlights of economic hard money. The expense is the downside. Borrowers should be prepared to pay 3-6% factors and possess a rate around 13-16%.

“Story lenders” are banks that are willing to listen to the borrower’s story about their difficult situation.

They are often willing to overlook many difficult situations such as bad credit, fragile business cash flow, high loan to values, and so forth. Although there are few banks that would describe themselves as a history lender the borrower should look locally or work with professionals in the business that may know of a few financial institutions that can get over their difficulties.

For example , we recently closed financing that was in foreclosure by refinancing it with another bank that was more willing to listen to the borrower than their existing bank. Their situation was that their loan had ballooned and despite their best efforts they could not get their existing bank to refinance the loan or find another bank that would either. After a year of searching they couldn’t get it done and the existing bank put more pressure on them by phoning the “note” (forced foreclosure). We knew of a bank out of Los angeles that could be interested, provided the borrower refinance some of their unsecured are actually into the proposed loan to enhance the borrowers over all cash flow.

So, borrowers with bad credit seeking commercial financial loans should be prepared for some “brain damage” as they will have to locate a viable source after listening to many “no’s”.

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